Walling injection against rising damp

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Insulation against rainwater


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Walling injection against rising damp


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Walling injection against rising damp

Walling injection against rising damp it is carried out, Prepare a linear pattern in the masonry. This preparation is always the local characteristics into account shall be determined, it should preferably be below the floor level of the series of holes formed in the water seal and adhere to the substrate interior lining for insulation. The holes chemicals is introduced, which saturate the wall capillaries. This process prevents further moisture migration up the masonry.

It is important to protect the walls against rising damp injection since moisture can cause a significant share of the wall structure and rapid damage. Just think how easily you can develop the mold, and various bacteria, fungus, harming the environment is too fast, can more easily spread to other areas. If you do not take care of the time walls against rising damp injection they can cause serious health problems for occupants of residential space.

Why we should choose our company, in the case of, if someone wants to take care of the environment, ownership of the walls against rising damp injection?

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  • In the survey, the site of our colleagues and the professional skills necessary instruments define the possible solutions.
  • The price ratio is continuously observed in the calculation.
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