Walling injection against rising damp

Terrace Roof Insulation

Green roof insulation

Spreads insulation

Viable and non-viable roof insulation

Insulation against rainwater

Insulation against rainwater


Surface layer-like structure - the organically associated with fuss ... Further

Straight Layers


Flat roof with insulation layer, wherein the insulation ...Further

Walling injection against rising damp


The preparation of a series of holes in masonry (possibly under the floor), and the holes ...Further

Reverse Layer Order

forditottLayer with a flat roof, which the thermal insulation against rainwater ...Further



Normally, the home of our own, We want to protect our living room ...Further


hoszigThe various functions of heat flow through the walls of buildings ...Further

Viable and non-viable roof insulation

jarhatoFlat roofs can be viable under the so-called use. terrace roofs...Further

Spreads insulation

kenhetoflashA waterproofing material, be insulated by the surface state of flux ...Further

Plinth insulation

labazatszigThe basement walls, exterior insulation of the building directly as waterproofing ...Further

Flat roof insulation

lapostetoThe flat roof insulation layer structure significantly ...Further

Underground Waterproofing

melygarazsOf sub-soil moisture, layer of water, insulation against ground ...Further


Damp-proofing there is, where the effects of moisture on the following list:

  • soil vapor

What exactly is the soil moisture?
Groundwater and soil moisture evaporation of soil particles fill the gaps between water vapor is called soil moisture. Soil moisture in the building structure in direct contact with the wall surface of the soil condenses, moisture takes, and the capillary structure of the material is absorbed. In this case, the problem there has to be treated as soil moisture, which can cause more extensive damage.

  • soil moisture

How can you accurately articulate the soil moisture?
The mean soil moisture is stored and natural rainwater, Risk, the gap between the soil particles are filled only partially, varying intensity and soil structure, and the environmental load as a function of water

  • Leaking water layer

Why is it that causes us the most difficult and unexpected, potential problems in advance megtervezhetetlen insulation against soil moisture construction of?
Complete drainage layer against water seepage system can be made only insulation against soil moisture, which must comply with the technical requirements specified for insulation against groundwater pressure, suddenly emerged as a layer of water and congested groundwater pressure acts as. Workflow requires a great deal of experience so, but ground water pressure against the construction of the insulation may be provided to limit the development of further damage.

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Waterproofing Basements post

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Basement Insulation

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Insulation Repair

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Insulation against soil vapor

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Insulation against groundwater pressure

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Terrace Roof Insulation

terasztetoThe need for a viable building roof terrace again increased. The build-up ... Further

Waterproof covering

vizszigA technically complex task, determined using ... Further


vizszigetelDesigned to protect against water and various building structures constructed system ...Further

Green roof insulation

zoldtetoflashFlat roof, vegetation is installed, and the building structure ...Further